Our new single

Curtain Fall

Fuck the trends! Fuck what others say you can and can’t do!

The future is now and has a name: HOSTAGE.

The HOSTAGE story begins in 2018 in Aachen, Germany.

It’s about four young musicians who got together to play their take on modern metal.

There is only one rule: Stylistic boundaries do not exist.

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Our Music

Curtain Fall

Release Date: 30.04.2021


Release Date: 15.01.2021

Don't Let Me Down

Release Date: 12.11.2020

Game Over

Release Date: 28.08.2020


Release Date: 24.04.2020

Rebellion // Grimage Remix

Release Date: 09.10.2020


We haven’t plannend any shows, because of the corona virus. 

But you can’t get enough HOSTAGE?

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