Heavy music and feelings. Now that’s a difficult topic. Journalists and listeners alike are quick to drop the "emo" tag, add a "core" at the most, and that's it. " We couldn't care less," Noah Müller, vocalist of HOSTAGE, laughs.  

"We play the kind of music that we like ourselves. And if you' re still put off by categories these days, you can't be helped anyway," he smiles.  


The HOSTAGE story begins in 2018 in Aachen, Germany. It' s about four young musicians who got together to play their interpretation of modern metal. They have only one rule: Stylistic boundaries do not exist. In an almost effortless manner, they draw on everything that contemporary metal has to offer. Massive riffs and merciless breakdowns from the category of Parkway Drive meet thick grooves, epic choruses and heartfelt vocal lines. Which would even suit contemporary prog greats like Tesseract or Monuments tremendously well. And if you listen closely, you might discover some hip-hop or EDM.  


"Classifications are definitely not our thing," guitarist Nico explains. " Whether young or old, old- or newschool, headbanger or slamdancer - I think our songs will speak to everyone". Which is not to be confused with the bootlicking mediocrity of pop starlets, mind you; rather, HOSTAGE have developed their very own style.  

Which is already clearly proven by the band's first singles "Rebellion" and "Game over".  


With a cover of the Chainsmokers hit "Don't Let Me Down", the quartet succeeded in 2020 with their first big hit. Well over 2,000,000 streams, as well as enthusiastic reactions from the international music world speak a clear language.  

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